Creatie x ADCN

CREATIE is a platform for and by creatives, with a magazine, website, live sessions and a monthly newsletter. It focuses on word, but above all, in all people who are interested in creative expressions.

In collaboration with MediaMonks and ADCN, we made the 'Let there be light' edition. Celebrating the art of creative breakthroughs with articles from leading agencies. Creative ideas are unpredictable. Sometimes they even seem impossible – and yet they happen. How can that be explained? Where do good ideas come from? What skills and mindsets are needed to generate breakthrough ideas?

Contribution: Art-direction   Photography: Kee&Kee



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Creatie x Natwerk

Guest editor in chief Frank de Ruwe came up with the idea to make the first ‘look and listen’ edition of the magazine, called Kleine dingen & Grootse plannen (Little things and big plans), accompanied by a dedicated app.

Good image speaks for itself and therefore does not require words. Natwerk creates content that speaks for itself. Creations that people see, immediately understand and want to talk about by themselves. This magazine edition contains 30 “loeigoeie” creations that really don’t need a caption or explanation, but they are just too nice to not say anything about them. Frank gives an audiotour through the magazine as if it was an actual exhibition. The real exhibition became a party to celebrate this special edition, in typical Natwerk fashion. 

Contribution: Design   Agency: Natwerk

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